Is It Worth The Time To Repair My Credit Score?


A borrower’s credit score can dictate what they can and can’t do when borrowing money. Have you made some poor financial decisions in your younger years? Getting a home loan when you are older and ready to settle can be difficult. You may never want to borrow money or check interest rates. Doing this will require a credit check and past employment verification.

In most cases, your score may not even matter to you. So, you wonder if you should go through the process of waiting for negative items to fall off. Let’s look at how these scenarios could unfold and how they may impact you.

If you need to borrow money sometime down the line, it’s essential to stay on top of your payment history. Sometimes, a credit score applies to more than a loan. Some companies will not let you sign up for a car title loan or even a small cash advance if you don’t have a minimum credit score. They also need to know that the consumers can pay back the service fees. Rightfully, they reserve the right to check all their applicants.


Why Should I Repair My Credit On My Own

The time it takes to repair your credit score can vary depending on how many items you have listed and how serious they are. There are many strategies available to improve your FICO score. Most credit restoration companies will contact the credit bureaus listing your negative items. They will request that all available information be appealed. A third-party bureau has a 30 – 45 days grace period to respond to this inquiry, and if the appeal is successful, it can be amended within a further 3 – 5 days. You could wait up to 50 days for one negative listing to be removed. Credit repair companies can make more than one appeal at a time. Most can submit appeals for all your harmful listings at the same time. So you could have all of them removed within this time frame.


Should I Wait For Negative Items to Fall Off My Credit History?

Are you patient and don’t mind playing the waiting game? Most advisors want you to play a game of cat and mouse with debt collection agencies. Then, you can wait for the negative items to fall off. A negative item listed with a bureau expires after seven years. After this time expires, it must be removed by law from your credit history. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen, but you can request that it be removed if this time has expired and the credit bureau must oblige. These companies must also report accurate information like finance terms and interest rates.

The seven years above are when a negative listing expires and falls off. There are still statutes of limitations varying from state to state that will enable debt collectors to pursue you. The statute of limitations will range to 15 years, depending on which state the debt originated.  Another option is to go with a service that fixes your past payment history.  if you’re on this site, you’ve undoubtedly seen the top credit repair reviews.  Finding the best firm to repair your credit history isn’t too tricky. But it will cost you money at the end of the day.


How To Fix My Credit On My Own

After reading everything above, how important is your credit score now? Do you think you will one day need to do something requiring a credit check? Unless you earn an above-average amount of money and can afford to pay for things outright, you may struggle trying to borrow money in the future. Even then, you might not be allowed to sign up for a utility bill or other online service without a credit history. Going through credit repair companies to rebuild your credit score will also cost you money.

While most of these services are quite affordable, the cost can add up if you have many negative listings that are hard to remove. The first place to start when looking for the highest rated credit repair companies would be our homepage. Not only do we detail the benefits and drawbacks, but we also do our best to give impartial information about the specific company.  Many have been proven to be very effective at removing negative listings for people.


Save Money And Repair Your Credit On Your Own

Have you decided to wait for your negative items to fall off? There is no need to do anything which requires a good credit score. Your biggest problem is dealing with debt collection agencies. Yes, your negative listings will be eligible to be removed after seven years. But a debt collection agency can pursue you for that entire time and try to get you to pay or take you to court. Hiding from them is not something we condone or advise you to do. It is, however, your choice as to what course of action you will take.

Remember, seven years is a long time, and debt collectors won’t forget about you if you apply again for another loan. Enlisting the services of credit repair companies is your best option. Your negative listings could be resolved sooner than waiting for them to expire.


Fix my credit score myself.