About Us – Credit Repair Directory

We realize that most people these days have little to no time to worry about their credit scores. Things always come up and push this issue back in the priority list. We created this site to help people like you. The odds are that if you’re on this site, you’re actively looking for a company that provides some kind of credit repair.


Credit Repair Directory – Company History

About seven years ago, we found ourselves in a situation where we had a credit score under 500. We were actively looking to buy a house to live in. But come to notice multiple dings on our credit report from collection agencies. Many of these we had no relationship with. Use our site to find an online service to fix your credit score and payment history. We spent hours upon hours looking for a service to operate in California. We also wanted to find a credit restoration company with a good track record of success and one that charged minimal fees upfront. Come to find out; it was much more difficult than one would expect to find a company. Sure there were still dozens of companies. but it took us hours to zero in on the best. Many online reviews say the same thing. “It shouldn’t be this difficult to find a credit restructuring company!” Once we got through the tedious work of settling on a service, we set out to make things easier for people in the same situation.

We put together an online directory of what we think are the best credit repair companies. Of course there isn’t enough time to list them all, but many of the businesses listed here are well known and offer services in most states. One thing to keep in mind, this directory is not a rating or ranking service. We give no legal advice or recommendations. The companies listed on this site are simply shown top to bottom in our directory of online credit repair services.

Our goal with this website is to do the legwork for you. That way you can us the Credit Repair Directory to find a service that best fits your needs. We don’t provide any of the services listed. We are not a credit resolution company and we don’t recommend any specific companies or websites shown on this site. The services listed in our directory include online credit repair companies. They also include attorneys who offer legal services to assist you in repairing your credit. Lastly, there are a few companies who sell credit repair software in our list as well. You can contact the companies and agencies with the correct standard forms. We are committed to bringing you honest, unbiased and overviews of each company that we list. In researching each entry, we do a background review to make sure that they are eligible to provide credit services in specific states. We also try to see if they have committed fraudulent practices on any of the various reporting sites as well as the Better Business Bureau.


Find The Best Credit Restoration Program By Using Our Directory!

We are always evaluating the companies listed with us. Let us know if anyone listed on our site fails to meet a standard of excellence. That way you can recommend us to a close friend or family member. In our analysis of each service we attempt to detail the benefits and negatives of each company. Also, we attempt to explain what sets that company apart from the other credit repair services. We make our money primarily through the advertising on our site. Any company placement on our site is done through a third-party marketing company. We do not endorse them or their services independently.


How We Evaluate The Credit Repair Companies in Our Database

There may be a situation where we have an affiliate relationship with a businesses in our listings. We hold no personal relationship with that service. Nor do we allow their advertising business to influence our decision about keeping on our directory of creditor services. We hold ourselves and our online partners to the highest ethical standards possible. We are particular about the listings we offer. We review them quarterly to see if there are any changes in their trustworthiness. We will make changes if a company has more than three of four complaints for unacceptable practices. In most cases they will face removal from our directory permanently.

Our mission is to present you with different decisions and options. Ideally one of the companies in our lists will complement your personal decision. We hope to fulfill your need to find a decent credit repair company. Thank you for visiting our financial services site. We  hope our efforts will help you find the service you need in the quickest time possible.