Credit Repair Directory Scholarship Program

Our site is dedicated to helping consumers navigate the credit repair process. With our site, you can choose the top companies and read up on the latest articles about your finances and budget. We also feature guest posts and live chats with some of the top credit reporting specialists from across the country. Our directory of credit repair services is updated at least once a week, so check back often for information on all things related to credit repair.  We hope to make the process of paying for one’s education just a bit easier. Therefore we are unveiling our first annual scholarship Program. This program will be called a CRD Scholarship Program.



About The Credit Repair Directory Scholarship Program

Our company has launched a CRD Scholarship Program for students all across the US who may be in need of financial assistance. The Credit Repair Directory will reward one scholarship in the amount of $800 to any active high school student who plans to pursue a college education. Our goal with this scholarship is to alleviate some of the financial burdens of higher education so prospective students can focus more on their studies. Ultimately, we’d like to make this a yearly program and expand the number of scholarships that are given each year.

Eligibility Conditions
1. Applicable to any high school student who will be enrolling in Fall 2018 college classes.
2. This scholarship is limited students residing in the US.
3. Current GPA needs to be at least 3.0.

Important Dates & Restrictions
1. Contest ends on May 31, 2021
2. Winning entry will be announced on June 4th, 2021

Application Details & Guidelines
1. Eligible applicants will need to submit a typed essay, infographic or article (800 words or more) on why it’s important to maintain a good credit score throughout your college years. This essay, infographic or article will be judged on uniqueness, creativity, and relevance.
2. You should tell us why you are interested towards our scholarship.
3. Please email details to: along with contact information and college acceptance letter.


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